30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Notional Theatre: Well-Thumbed

Fri 23 Jun, 7:30pm
£6 (£5 concessions)

There is a generation that still remembers the erotic education and salacious thrills to be had in the well-thumbed pages of respectable libraries; the promises and temptations of dirty words and suggestive passages that then-young readers found irresistible. And now there’s a new generation that needs to be pointed in the right direction…

Well Thumbed (and well out of copyright) is one man’s gentle yet irredeemably prurient thumbing through those well-used pages of literature, including words from Aesop and Austen, Doyle and Dickens, Shakespeare and de Sade and many, many more.

Well Thumbed is a mischievous celebration of classic literature, conceived and performed by Terry Victor with direction from Steven Elliott.

About Notional Theatre: An occasional theatre company since 1986, presenting stage works (original and adaptations) by Terry Victor.



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